A-SIL -Plant Vitalizer

* Provides resistance to mineral stress and climatic stress

* Improves strength.

* Increases growth and yield.

It is a bioactive nano silica and extract of herbal based plant vitaliser and flower enhancer in liquid formulation.
 Soil health and seedling stage :- Increases total soil bacterial population in addition to maintaining soil pH; enhances soil nutrient values and promotes seed germination Increase seedling vigour, seedling length & biomass.
 At Plant Growth Stage at flowering & fruiting stage :
 Strengthens the vascular system
 Increase absorption of water and minerals.
 Enhances K/Na ratio, hence increases the plant tissues resistant to fungal & pest attack.
 Regulates the enzymatic activity, thereby reinforcing the plant tissue formation. Thus, increase in the yield.
 Increases resistance to biotic & abiotic stress.
 Increase fuller flowers & higher levels of sugar in the fruits.
 At Drought Situation:
 . Reduces the oxidative stress during drought conditions.
 Increases photosynthesis by decreasing evapo-transpiration from leaf
 Protects plants from extreme high or low temperatures.
 The unique composition helps in building stronger cell walls, regulates plant growth and decreases climate and mineral stress.
 Composition :- Each 100 ml of product contains :
Extracts of Equisetum Hyemale 100%, and Excipient Q.S .
 The A-SIL can be sprayed at any time of crop but specially recommended at flowering stage.

Dosage :-
Concentrated form
 Vegetables and pulses
 Foliar Spraying – 50ml for 150 litres of water /acre of vegetable crop
 Drip irrigation – 50 ml for 200 litres of water / acre of vegetable crop
 one dose is recommended for all vegetables and pulses during flowering stage
 Cotton
 Spraying – 50ml for 150 litres of water /acre of cotton crop
 Drip irrigation – 100 ml for 200 litres of water / acre of cotton crop

 Floriculture
 Spraying – 25ml for 200 litres of water /two acre of flower crop
 Drip irrigation – 25 ml for 200 litres of water / two acre of flower crop
NOTE:- A-SIL is ideal for at flowering stage but it can be sprayed with Kohinoor ,dosage under:-
25ml of SIL can be mixed alongwith 25 ml of Harit Biogold biostimulant , the water quantity will be 150 litres .
SIL should be used only one time in the life cycle of plant .