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ACREHEAL ointment

Composition: Each Tube contains:
Proflavin hemisuiphate I.P 0.1% W/W; Gamma Benzene Hexachloride 0.1% W/W; Cetrimide I.P 0.45% W/W; In petroleum Gel base

Acreheal ointment is a nonirritant ointment for all types of external wounds. Proflavin hemisuiphate is antibacterial. GBH is Acaricidai and Cetrimide acts as antimycotic.
Acreheal ointment is clinically proven of tri functional activities like Antibacterial,Acaricidal, Antifungal.
Acreheal ointment is ideal for deep seated maggot wounds
Acreheal ointment must be applied externally on affected area after cleaning
Acreheal ointment can also be used in Teat crack after milking.
Avoid medicated teat sucking by Calves at least for lhr.