Avilin VET Injection

Each ml contains Pheniramine maleate 22.75 mg.

Chlorpheniramine is used to prevent allergic reactions and for pruritus therapy in dogs and cats. In addition to the antihistamine effect for treating allergies, these drugs block the effect of histamine in the vomiting center, vestibular center, and other centers that control vomiting in animals.

Adverse Reactions and Side Effects
Sedation is the most common side effect.  Antimuscarinic effects (atropine-like effects) also are common, such as the dry mouth and decreased GI secretions.

It is used for quick relief from allergic manifestations.

Dosage and Administration:
Avilin® Vet may be administered intramuscularly or intravenously.
Large animals: 5-10 ml or more
Small animals: ½ -1 ml or more
The injection may be repeated after 8-12 hours, if necessary.

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