Multipurpose Ruminal Therapy for Livestock Nutritional value per 10 ml.:
Aluminium Hydroxide 600 mg.
Magnesium Hydroxide 300 mg.
Simithicone 400 mg.
Sorbitol (70%) 50 mg.
Dil Oil Q.S.
Ajwain Oil 0.06 ml.
Erythrosine colour Q.S.
Suspension Base to 10 ml.

Increasing ruminal motility & eruption process.
Causes coalescence of gas bubbles produced in the rumen.
• Maintains the ruminal pH, Preventing growth of harmful bacteria & fungus responsible for abnormal fermentation & foul smelling gas production.
Reduction of slime producing bacteria responsible for viscosity of ruminal fluid & formation of forth.
. Corrects the faulty eruction mechanism and rate.

. Dry bloat or acute frothy bloat.
• Tympanities of different etiologies.
• Tympanitic colic in horse.

Livestock : Cattle/Buff : 100 ml., Sheep/Goat: 20 ml.
(Twice daily with a 6 hours interval)
Or as directed by the Veterinarian.
100 ml., 200 ml.

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