Comfoderm OAT Spray

COMFODERM OAT Spray is a safe, gentle & effective itch reliever and instant moisturizer. Can also be used as a regular skin revitalizer in between baths (moisturizer, conditioner & deodoriser).

  • Colloidal oat meal extract – 2%
  • Aloe vera extract – 5%

Effective relief from minor itch conditions (dry skin itch, sensitive skin, flea bite dermatitis, solar dermatitis, insect bites etc.)
Instant moisturizer to relieve dry skin (controls scaling and flaking by stabilising keratinisation)
Adjunct management of atopic dermatitis (to reduce dose of corticosteroids)
Skin revitalizer in between baths (moisturizer, conditioner, deodorizer)
Safe, water base & long lasting fragrance
Directions for use
Part the hair & spray directly on the spot of itch or throughout the skin and coat, as per requirement.


For dogs above 12 weeks of age

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