Endoban Susp/Bolus

Endoban Suspension
Each 5ml contains:

Albendazole: 125mg
Endoban Bolus
Each Bolus contains

Albendazole: 750mg (or) 3g

• Only dewormer which is effective against ALLendoparasites
• Broad spectrum Anthelmintic for Livestock and Poultry
• High efficacy against Adult Nematodes, Larval stages. Tapeworms and Mature Liver Flukes.
• Potent ovicidal and larvicidal, including dormant / encysted larvae

• Prevents pasture contamination & reinfection
• Prevents Disease transmission
• Improves body score and profitability

Treatment and Prevention of Endoparasitic diseases caused by Stomach worms, Intestinal worms, Lung worms, Adult Liver Flukes, Tapeworms, larval & encysted stages
Sheep & Goats – 7.5 – 10 mg / kg body weight Cattle & Buffaloes – 7.5 – 10 mg / kg body weight 15 – 20 mg/kg body weight to treat Adult Liver Flukes or as recommended by the veterinarian

30 ml PET bottle in a carton and 1 Litre HOPE Can