Harit Biogold – Biostimulant

Proprietary patented formulation with unique blend of plant derived nutrients which
contains essential minerals, organic carbon, amino acids & plant based antioxidants,
liquid organic inputs for active growth and stress tolerance in your crops. Priming
growth, strengthening cell wall for lush and stress tolerant plants.
Its 4 in 1formula, completely biodegradable and residue free:-
1. It increases germination, strengthens cell wall, enhances white root formation and
chlorophyll content.
2. This results in better plant growth and yield.
3. Protects plants from transplantation stress.
4. Reduces and flower and fruit drop, increases fruit setting.
USP of our products:
1. Low volume – high potential: –
2. Eco friendly, ingredients are natural used as medicine
3. Easy to carry as volume is low
4. Can reduce chemical fertilizer use ,if applied with fertilizer
5. Transportation cost will be low
6. Poison free food
7. Composition: – All the contents are in nano form, dilution is in the range of 1x
10 -12 to1x 10 -60 in water based formulations . Herbal extract and salt based nano
8. Composition:- Each 50ml of product contains :
Extracts of Alfa Alfa-30%, Avena sativa30% , Ricinus 30% and Excipient Q.S .

9. All the products are can be used with chemical fertilizers, but at reduced
dosage upto 50% .( example – If 50 kg of Urea and DAP is required for per
acre of crop then only 25 kg is required )

b) Vegetables, pulses and wheat jowar bajra& cotton Application Dosage
for Sugarcane, Rice .
A)For sugarcane , cotton and rice – HBG- Rice special
1) For foliar application
50 ml for 100 litre water, 10ml per pump – 15 litre
2) For Drenching:
200 ml for one acre of crop (approximately 100-150 litres of water)

c) For Vegetables, pulses and wheat jowar bajra& cotton :-HBG biostimulants
50 ml for 150 litre (10 ml per pump – 15 litre)