LASOTAC Butaphosphan 100mg + Cyanocobalamin 50mcg Injection Indications: Stress conditions. Pica (due to phosphorus deficiency). Adjunctive therapy in ketosis. Supportive therapy for increasing

muscular. Efficiency in horses.

Dosage: Cattle,horse,camel 10-25ml

Calf 5-12ml, Sheep & goat 2.5-5ml, Capacity 30ml Presentation:- 30 & 100 ml Vial

LIVOMYL Thiamine HCI 10 mg + Riboflavin 3 mg + Niacinamide 100 mg Vitamin B12 10 mcg + Liver Injection Crude 0.66 ml Injection having Vitamin B12 activity eq. to or not less 2 mcg. of Cyanocobalamin Indications Non-specific anorexia, During convalescence from diseases, Liver disorders, Debility and general weakness, Eczema, Parasitic anaemia, Growth and development of young animals, In bulls and stallions at mating seasons, For preparation of animals for livestock shows, Gastrointestinal disorders with Vitamin B-Complex deficiency, Neuralgic disorders Dosage Administered by intramuscular route only Large animals: 5-10 ml on alternate days

Small animals: 0.25 ml to 0.5 ml twice weekly

Presentation: 100 ml Vial

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