PILCY-AD3 Vitamin A, D3,E & Biotin Injection Indications: PILCY-AD3 is an injection to promote Maintenance, Growth, Lactation, Reproduction and well being of animals. Vitamin A is essential for normal functioning of the epithelial cells. Vitamin D3 is essential for growth and absorption of Calcium Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps in the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy Vitamin H is a nitrogen-containing acid essential for growth and well-being in animals. It also helps in gluconeogenesis. Sesame oil used for better animal compliance Dosage: Large Animals: a c 5 ml. per day for prophylaxis. 10ml for treatment. Small Animals: a c 1 a 2 ml. /day as prophylaxis 2-4 ml for treatment. To be given on alternate days for 2 weeks and should be repeated after 4 weeks if needed.

Presentation: 10ml Vial

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