Each ml contains:
Dicyclomine hydrochloride I.R 10 mg
Benzyl Alcohol 2% w/v
Water for Injection I.R q.s.
• For rapid relief of spasmodic visceral pain such as intestinal colic,
renal colic, biliary colic, etc.
• For prolapse of vagina, vagina-cervix, uterus, urinary bladder, rectum &rectum vagina
• For intestinal colic & abdominal pain due to diarrhea
• For reducing pain after manual removal of retained placenta & post dystocia
• For spasms of uterus & ureters
• For irritable bowel syndrome
Dosage & Administration:
1 ml / 20 kg BW by intramuscular route only Cattle, Buffalo, Horse & Camel: 10 -15 ml Sheep & Goat: 1 – 2 ml Dog : 0.5 – 2 ml
The dose may be repeated after 12 hrs. or as directed by Veterinarian
30 ml vial

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