Tab Virus -Rakshak for TMV in chilli peeper

 Botanical Eco friendly Immunity builder (preventive) against Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) in chilli . Chili leaf curl virus is transmitted by whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci) and is a serious threat to chili fields. Symptoms include the upward curling of leaves, plant stunting, and yield reductions.

 There is no treatment for Viruses and recovery is less. Therefore, focus should be on prevention.
 Application of Tab Rakshak will prevent the plant from Virus .

 An excellent formulation for growth and prevention of tobacco mosaic virus( TMV) in chilly and others
 TAB is an eco friendly plant protector and safe for humans
 It enhances the plants’ internal defence mechanism, providing vigour against TMV.
 It prevents TMV attack when applied with fertilisers
 Composition :- Each 100ml of product contains :
 Extracts of Nicotina tabacum30%, Avena satva 30%,Alfa alfa 30%,and Excipient Q.S
 Dosage – 50ml for 150 litres of water , spray is required after every 20-25 days for prevention
 NOTE:- Dosage double if pesticide is used earlier.