Each vial contains Sterile Ceftiofur Sodium Powder of 250mg, 500mg and lg Equivalent to 250mg, 500mg and lg Ceftiofur activity.

Teji Forte injection is a third generation Cephalosporin group of antibiotic having bactericidal activity with wide spectrum of bacterial coverage.

Teji Forte Injection containing Sterile Ceftiofur sodium is a dedicated molecule for exclusive Veterinary use.

Teji Forte Injection metabolised to DFC (Desfuroylceftiofur) after intramuscular administration having intact 3 lactam ring and exerts complete antibiotic activity.

Teji Forte Injection reaches 7mcg/ml after Intramuscular injection within 30-45mns.

Teji Forte Injection once a day dose regime is the highest advantage for Veterinary Practitioners.

Teji Forte Injection never kills the rumen flora so minimum effects on digestion eventually milk production does not hamper.

Teji Forte Injection is highly effective in control of ECM & Salmonella infection in Poultry.

Teji Forte Injection is indicated in BRD, Reproductive Diseases of large & small ruminants and Urinary tract Infection of Canines.
Teji Forte Injection is not at all indicated in MASTITIS.
Teji Forte Injection is safe in pregnancy
Teji Forte Injection can be stored at 2-8°C under refrigeration after reconstitution.
Reconstitute the sterile powder only with the FFS WFI
Cattle, Sheep & Goat -1.1 – 2.2 mg/kg B.Wt. once daily through I/M for 3 – 5days
Buffaloes – 2 – 2.4mg/Kg B.Wt. through I/M once daily for 3 – 5days Dogs – 2.2mg/Kg B.Wt. through S/C once daily for 5 – 14days.
Horse – 2.2 – 4.4mg/Kg B.Wt. through I/M route once daily for 3 – 5 days

Swine – 3 – 5mg/Kg B.Wt. through I/M route once daily for 3 – 5days

Camels – 2.2mg/Kg B.Wt through I/M route once daily for 3 – 5days

Elephants – 2.2 – 4.4mg/Kg B.Wt. through I/M route once daily for 3 – 5days

Day Old Chicks – 0.08 – 0.2mg/Chick by S/C route at the upper part of neck region with
26gauge needle
Adult Birds – 2.5 – 5mg/Kg B.Wt. by S/C route
for two consecutive days
Available Packs:
250mg, 500mg & lg Siliconised Type A glass vial with FFS WFI & Syringe-needle