One white tab of Clomiphene IP. 300 mg

Two blue coloured tab of Copper Sulphate I.P. 750 mg

It is an efficient medicine for the treatment of the ailments related to sterility due to hormonal disorders in female animals. This medicine ensues ovulation by increasing the activeness of ovaries increasing the quantity of Gonadotropic hormone produced by pituitary gland, and removes the sterility It is helpful in having timely conception by It increases the mobility of semen in male animals and ensures qualitative improvement of sperms.

Make 1 % lotion by dissolving two bolus of blue coloured copper sulphate available in Kit into 150 ml drinking water and give it to the animal. By this solution esophageal groove of animal will be closed, after it dissolve one white colored clomiphene citrate into 300 ml water and give it to the animal (within 30 minutes to copper sulphate lotion given) so that solution of clomiphene reach directly into evomezum.

Heifers  (delay in pregnancy) 1+1+1+1+1  for five days

Milk giving animals (delay in pregnancy) 1+1+1+1+1 for five days

Dairy cow and buffalo (Non-pregnancy) 2+1.5+1.5  for three days


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