Tik-Out Soap 75g/150g


 Each Soap contains:

  • Permethrin BP 5% w/w
  • Cetrimide IP 1% w/w
  • Aloe vera ext 1% w/w


  • Permethrin- 5% acts as a potent ectoparasiticide
  • Acts as an antiseptic with the presence of Cetrimide
  • Presence of aloevera improves coat shine and acts as soothening agent.
  • Animal can be washed immediately


  • Apply the soap with water and form lather
  • Massage the lather over the animal body completely
  • Wash the lather immediately
  • Don’t allow the animal to lick (Mainly dogs and cats)
  • Massage for long time in case of hairy breeds to get better absorption


  • 75g & 150g cake
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