Gaseous and Frothy Bloat/Tympany

100 g Carton and 1 kg Polybag
Cows, Buffaloes and Horses : 80 g
Calves, Foals and Heifers : 40 g
Pigs, Sheep and Goats : 20 g
In Gaseous bloat, TIMPOL suspended in 250 ml of lukewarm water should be administered orally. In severe cases, TIMPOL may be administered at 3-4 hours intervals.
In Frothy bloat, TIMPOL should be administered mixed with 250-500 ml. of sweet oil (groundnut, til or linseed) twice daily or at 3-4 hours interval as per the severity of the case.
In emergency and in severe cases, TIMPOL may be administered directiy into rumen with the help of trocar and canula.
For impaction, TIMPOL should be given along with 150-400 gms of magnesium sulphate.