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TOPICURE Oral/++/Advance/Gel


ORAL TOPICURE – SG is the first exclusive spray for oral application in animals and is the only safe and effective option for all kinds of oral wounds. It is highly effective in treating oral wounds like ulcers, vesicles, erosions, pustules, tongue edema, etc. commonly caused due to viral infections in animals as it possesses excellent local anesthetic and emollient (soothing) activity.


TOPICURE ++ is a new generation spray for treating wounds in animals. Wounds such as cuts, abrasions, avulsions, etc. can be treated using TOPICURE ++.

TOPICURE ++ has special actives that promotes rapid healing in delayed wounds and possesses better fly repellent, antimaggot and antimicrobial activity.


TOPICURE ADVANCE is a natural spray for comprehensive topical cure in treating all kinds of wounds in animals that include cuts, abrasions, avulsions, etc. TOPICURE ADV is an excellent fly repellent, antimaggot and wound healing activity.


TOPICURE Gel is an advanced formulation for treating challenging wounds including surgical wounds, foot rot lesion, weeping wounds etc. TOPICURE Gel has excellent antimicrobial, antimaggot and fly repellent activity.