Vetcort Inj. Injection 10ml/30ml

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 Each ml contains:

  • Isoflupredone acetate 2mg


  • Supportive therapy in treatment of ketosis
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory action in musculoskeletal disorders
  • Used in case of allergic reaction and as an antipruritic
  • Overwhelming infections with severe toxicity
  • It is used as an emergency medication in case of anaphylactic shocks
  • To prevent consolidation in lungs

Dosage & administration:

  • Cattle and Buffalo: 5 to 10ml of Vetcort, repetition can be made after 48 hrs.
  • Horses: 2.5ml to 10ml Vetcort (5 to 20mg)
  • Sheep and Goat: 0.5ml to 1ml of Vetcort (1-2mg)


  •  10ml and 30ml
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