VIraCid-S Powder


Potassium monopersulphate compound: 49.8 % w/w
Containing Triple salt Potassium monopersulphate Potassium hydrogen sulphate Potassium sulphate
Sodium chloride: 1.5 % w/w


Aerial spray/cold fogging (in presence of animals)
Water sanitation
Cleaning and disinfecting equipments. Farm piemises and food processing areas
Foot dip for animals
Disinfection of empty sheds


5 gm / lit. water. Spray
1 gm / lit. water. Add to water tank
5-10 gm / lit. water. Brush/pressure spray
10 gm / lit. water. Replace when heavily soiled.
10 gm / lit. water. Spray

Presentation: 50gm, 500gm, 1.0kg