Dog Skin Diseases: Dermatitis

Dogs: Pruritus (scratching. licking, chewing, rubbing), initially with mild or no visible lesions Areas most commonly affected include muzzle, periocular region, ear canals/pinnae, interdigital spaces, axillae, and groin. Self-trauma, redness, and secondary skin changes may be noted, particularly in chronic cases. Saliva staining of hair may be noted. Secondary bacterial and yeast infections of skin …

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Dog/Canine Fever Treatment

Definition Fever is defined as an elevated body temperature (>103°F |>39.5°C}) due to an altered hypothalamic set point. Young patients are more likely to have infectious causes. Middle-aged patients are more likely to have noninfectious inflammatory diseases. Older patients are more likely to have neoplastic causes. Temperatures >106°F (>41.1°C) may cause multiple organ dysfunction, disseminated …

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