VITEN forte


Nutritional content of each ml:

Vitamin A 12000IU;

Vitamin B 6000IU;

Vitamin E 48 III;

Vitamin Bi2 20 meg;
Biotin 500 meg;
Selenium O.lmg
Overages added to compensate the Vitamins on storage


Regular usage in Livestock improves immunity, skin texture, production and regularizes fertility.
Poultry overcomes the transportation, vaccination and deworming stress. Brings uniformity in growth, production and makes the plumage attractive. Improves Egg fertility.

Recommended usage:
Large animal – 10ml /daily;
Calves, Goat & Sheep – 5ml/Daily
Poultry: (through drinking water)
Chicks / 100 – 5ml /Day; Layers: 7ml/Day; Broilers: 5ml/Day
Or as directed by Veterinary practitioner or Animal nutritionist