Nutritional content of each lKg: Vitamin A 70,000 IU; Vitamin D3 14,400 IU; Calcium lOOg; Phosphorus 70g; Manganese 9g; Zinc 99g; Copper 660mg; Iron BOOmg; Sulphur 3.2g; Antioxidant added.

Minetone GF Powder is our in -house developed formulation and launched after extensive trial in well managed goat farm under super vision of Qualified Veterinarian.
Minetone GF Powder improves the rumen function by providing essential minerals for Rumen Floral Growth
Minetone GF Powder Improves the body immunity and control the frequent attack of diseases
Minetone GF Powder enhances the body weight gain

Minetone GF Powder improves the body coat and looks shining

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