BIO-C-CAL12 inj

Bio – C – Cal 12 Injection is a unique sterile formulation of Calcium gluconolactobionate, Cyanocobalamin and Cholecalciferol.
This ready to use sterile injection is therapeutically intended for the treatment of some serious Calcium deficient diseases occurs during the late pregnancy, early lactation, in new born calf, bone disorders of animals and in muscular dystrophy, prevention of hypocalcaemia during periparturient period, delayed blood clotting etc.
Skeleton contains 99% of body Calcium. Skeletal reserve of Calcium is actively supports Calcium homeostasis of the body. Only 1% of body calcium that lies outside the Skeleton is important to survival.
Calcium is found as free ion, bound to serum proteins and complexes to organic and inorganic acids.
Ionized calcium, 50-60% of the total plasma calcium is essential for nerve conduction, muscle contraction and cell signaling.
Changes in calcium ion concentrations within and between cells are modulated by vitamin D3.
Calcium can activate or stabilize some enzymes and is required for normal blood clotting facilitating the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin, which reacts with fibrinogen to form the blood clot, fibrin.

Bio -C-Cal 12 injection can also be used as an effective tonic to improve milk yield and general health during debility and weakness.


Each ml contains: Calcium Gluconolactobionate I.P: 137.5mg; Cyanocobalamin I.P: 50mcg; Cholecalciferol I.P: 5000IU; Benzyl Alcohol 1.5% W/V


Dose: As per Veterinary Practitioner Administration : I/M route only

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