Each ml. contains

Vitamin A I.P.:2, 50,000 IU; Vitamin D31.P.: 25,000 IU; Vitamin E I.P.: 100IU; Biotin USP : 12.5mcg; Benzyl Alcohol I.P.: 2 % W/V; Sesame Oil USP: Q.S.


Infertility, Night blindness, Postpartum anestrous, Neonatal Avitaminosis, Lameness, Delayed maturity, Skin care, Body coat improvement, as supportive after mastitis and uterine infection, Hoof improvement etc.
Dose and administration :

5ml I/M
or S/C per 300kg Body Weight or as
directed by Veterinary Practitioners VITEN


5ml & 10ml in attractive monocarton.