Fenbendozole belongs to BENZIMIDAZOLE group of Anthilmintic
‘ Effective on Nematodes (Roundwrom), Cestodes (Tapeworm)
& Trematodes (Liver Fluke)

• Rapidly absorbed from G.I. Tract
• Peak Plasma Concentration within 2-7 hours 44 to 50%

Mode of Action
Fenbendazoie interferes with the energy Metabolism Blocks the Fumarate Reductase & inhibits generation of Mitochondrial energy in the form of Adinosine Triphosphate. In the absence of this usable energy the Parasite dies. Fenbendazoie also inhibits the glucose transport which causes depletion of worms Glycogen Reserves which render the worm unable to produce A.T.P. necessary for survival.
Activity on Nematodes in Ruminents Fenbendazoie Is Highly Effective On All The Major G.i. Nemadotes of Ruminents Including Haemonchus, Ostertagia, Tricostrongylus, Cooparia, Bunostomum, Oesophagostomum, Strongyloides, Nematodirus.immature Stages of all these parasites are also eliminated to a high degree including Larval Stage E.g. Ostertagia which are difficult to attack therapeutically.
Activity On Flukes
Fenbendazoie is highly effective on Fascioia Hepatica Fascioia Gigentica & also Paramphistoms. Fenbendazoie is also effective againts tape worm Moniezia.
Dog & Cat
Fenbendazoie Has Excellent Activity Against Hook Worms, Whip Worms, Ascarides & tape worms. T.soleum & T saginata, Echinococcus
& also expels its larval stages.

Side Effects
Free From Side effects at therapeutic doses even when administered to young sick
or debilitated animals.
Safer In Pregnancy
There are no known teratogenic effects of Fenbendazole. e.g. Repeated multiple therapeutic doses of Fenbendazole in Pregnant Cows, Mares, Sheep, & goat and have not shown any ill effects.

Cattle 7.5mg/ kg body wt.
Horse 5mg / kg body wt.
Sheep & Goat 5mg / kg body wt.
Dogs 50mg / kg body wt for 3 days.

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