Bovine Mastitis


Clinical Mastitis:-

Abnormal milk ( Discoloration, clots,)

abnormal gland:- Fibrosis, inflammatory swelling is accompanied by heat and pain. In severe cases, abscesses and gangrene may develop.

abnormal cow: – Fever, ruminal stasis, depression anorexia may or may not present.



1. Third-genera cephalosporins like Ceftiofur (2.2 mg/kg BW I/M every 24 h), Ceftizoxime.

2. Oxytetracycline (16.5 mg/kg  BW I/M every 24 h)

3. Trimethoprime – Sulphadoxine (1 ml/10-15 kg BW slow I/M and I/M ) can be given every 24h.

Anti-inflammatory agents:

  1. Ketoprofen at 2gm I/M once daily.
  2. Flunixin Meglumine (2mg/kg, I/V twice 24h apart)

Inframammary antimicrobial agents:

  1. Third-genera cephalosporins like Ceftiofur
  2. Gentamycin (500gm)
  • Third-generation cephalosporins (Such as ceftiofur) and fluoroquinolones are drugs of choice for gram+ and gram- organisms.
  • Parenteral ceftiofur is not effective in clinical mastitis episode that has abnormal secretion of abnormal gland and secretion
  • Vitamin E and A and Selenium had a beneficial effect on udder health.

Unaffected by treatment response permanently drying the quarter is the best mathod and it does not effect total milk production.

  1. Inframammary Infusion of 120ml of 5% povidine-iodine after complete milk-out and Flunixine maglumine (1mg/kg BW IV)

Cracking of the skin of the teats:-  10% glycerin

Black-spot of the teat:- 10% salicyclic acid,  5 % copper sulfate

Blood in the milk:-  Due to rupture of blood vessel of the gland by direct trauma, udder edema

  • I/V Calcium borogluconate
  • I/V, I/M Ethamsylate, Trnexamic Acid

Udder Edema:  May be due to heavy grain feeding, high sodium and potassium intake

  1. Furosemide :- 1mg/kg BW I/V, I/M (Redema)
  2. Dexamethasone, Isoflupredone, Prednisolone
  3. Chlorothiazide  (2gm twice daily orally )

Fibrosis (Hard) Udder:- 

  1. Serratiopeptidase bolus 60 mg bolus twice daily
  2. Potassium Iodide Orally
  3. Homeopathic remedies Carboanimalis 30c for 21 days

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