A dark brown injectable solution containing B complex, Vitamins, Liver Extract and Choline Chloride.

COMPOSITION Each ml contains

Thiamine hydrochlorideI.P.25 mg
Riboflavin Phosphate SodiumI.P.1.5 mg
Vitamin B6I.P.5.0 mg
NiacinamideI.P.50 mg
Cyanocobal amineI.P.50 meg.
Choline ChlorideI.P.25 mg
Phenol (as Preservative)I.P.0.5% w/v
Liver inj. crude having B12 activity of not less than 2 meg. Of Cyanocobal amine.


Primarily as supportive therapy in conditions leading to liver Dysfunction viz. liver fluke infestation, fatty degeneration of liver, in the treatment of anorexia and B com­plex Vitamin deficiency conditions.


Bovoplex – CC injection should be administered by deep intramuscular route only.


Store in a cool and dark place.


Bovoplex – CC injection is available in 30 ml vials.


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