Liquid feed supplement containing Vit. A, D „ E, C, B,2 for Poultry & Livestock
Nutritional value per ml.:

Vit. A: 14000 i.u

Vit. D: 3000 i.u.

Vit. E: 30 mg.

Vit. C: 20 mg.

Vit. B: 15 meg

Builds up body resistance to infection . Keeps birds healthy. Stimulates growth & production . Provides strength & stamina during vaccination, debeaking, deworming, climatic changes, transportation, prolapse, Dystocia & cage fatigue. Maintains normal fertility in males and females.

Livestock : Cattle: 10 ml. twice daily, Calf: 5 ml. twice daily.
Poultry : Chicks: 5 ml./100 birds, Broilers: 7 ml./100 birds,
Layers : 10 ml./100 birds daily.
Or as directed by the Veterinarian.

50 ml., 100 ml., 200 ml., 500 ml.

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