Calvit-12 Injection

For Milk fever, rickets, and ►other diseases caused by  deficiency of calcium

It is especially useful for the diseases caused by the deficiency of calcium in animals like milk fever, rickets, stunted growth, weakness of nerves and muscles, anemia, and loss of appetite. It is useful to prevent hair from falling in dogs and ensures rapid growth also.

Packing: 30 ml/50ml. vial

Each 1 ml contains:

Calcium gluconolactobionate: 137.5 mg

Vitamin B12:  50 meg

Vitamin D3:  5000 I. U.

Benzyl Alcohol : 1.5 % weight/ volume

Water for injection I.P.
Large animals: 10-15 ml twice in a

Small animals:  10-15 ml twice in a week 1 -2 ml twice in a week
By I/M injection

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