Each ml contains:

Thiamine HCL IP 100 mg Vitamin B2 IP 5 mg Vitamin B6 IP 7 mg Nicotinamide IP 25 mg D- Panthenol IP25 mg Biotin BP 10 meg Choline Chloride USP 5 mg Vitamin B12 IP 100 meg Lysine HCL USP 50 meg Benzyl alcohol IP 3% v/v (as preservative)

Overages of Vitamins added to compensate the loss on storage

Large animals: 5-10 ml by I M or IV route (1 :100 dilution) Small animals: 3-5 ml by I M or IV route (1:100 dilution)

Liver Damage, Tissue Damage Decreased Milk Yield Anorexia, Immunosuppression

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