FERROCOM Syrup/Powder

For meeting higher requirements of Iron to maintain health and to lay good foundation for optimum growth of calves, kids, piglets and pups, without any G.I. disturbances and other side effects, as well as to avoid anaemia and thus susceptibility to infections.

Powder : 10 g Sachet
Syrup : 100 ml Bottle
FerroCom Powder
Pre-weaned & weaned Piglets : 15 mg/kg body weight.
Sheep & Goats : 200-300 mg
Cows and Buffaloes : 3-4 g
Horses : 4-5 g
FerroCom Syrup
Pups, Small Dogs and Cats : 5 ml (One teaspoonful)
Medium and Large Dogs : 10 ml (Two teaspoonful)
FerroCom Powder or Syrup should be given orally once daily, till required.