Minfa Gold


Each 1 2 kg has the nutritional value of Chelated Calcium255g, Phosphorus 127.5g  Magnesium 6.0g, Manganese 1.5g, Iron 15q, Iodine 325mg, Copper 4.2g. Zinc 9.6g, Cobalt 150mg, Sulphur 7 2g, Potassium 100mg, Sodium 6mg. Selenium 10 mg , Vitamin A 700000IU, VitaminD3 70000 IU, Vitamin E 250mg, Nicotinamide 1000mg, Chromium 78mg

Indications :

For Maintenance, Better Growth, Improved Productive and Reproductive Performance


Cow and Buffaloes :

For Maintenance and Growth: 30gm/day orally For Improved Productivity and Reproductive Performance: 50 gm/day orally Calves, Sheep, Goats, and Pigs: 25-30 gm/day orally

Horse: 50 gm/day orally Or 1-2 Kg to be mixed in 100 kg of feed

Presentation :

1 2 kg, 6 kg polybags, 24 kg plastic bucket, and 30 kg polybag


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