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Each kg contains:

Vitamin A 7,50,0001.U. Vitamin D3 75,0001.U. Vitamin E 5001.U. Niacinamide 1 g Calcium 240 g Phosphorus 120 g Iron 6 g Iodine 500 mg Cobalt 200 mg Copper 1.2 g Zinc 8 g Manganese 2 g Magnesium 6 g Live Yeast Culture 20 g Camer q.s.

Mixing Rate:

25 g to 50 g per cow / buffalo per day to be mixed in the feed-for maintenance and to increase milk production 15 g to 25 g per calf/ sheep per day to be mixed in feed-for better weight gains. Feed:

0.5-1% in feed or As recommended by Animal Nutritionist

To improve milk quality, quantity and overall health of dairy animal  1 kg, 5 kg

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