KLOZANIDE-L Bolus/Liquid

Oxyclozanlde I.P, 3% w/v + Levamlsole HCL I.P. 1.5% w/v

Helps to kill liverflukes, roundworms and also enhances immunity of animals Dosage:

Farm animals: 90-100 mL per 300 kg body weight at the dose rate of 10-15 mg kg weight per animal orally as drench or as recommended by the Veterinarian Pack: 100 mL & 1 Litre


Oxyclozanlde I.P. 1000 mg + Levamisole HCL I.P. 500 mg

Indications: To treat and prevent Mixed parasitic Infestations effectively Nematodes: (Round Worm), Ascariasis, Amphistomes, Paramphistomiasis, Haemonchosis, Ostertagia, Bunostomum, Dictyocaulus, Cooperia Trematodes: (Flukes) Fascioliasis Dosage:

1 Bolus per 100 kg body weight or as recommended by the Veterinarian Pack: Box of 5 x 4’s


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