NONAVIT Plus Injection

The multi-vitamin injection
Each ml provides:
+ Vitamin ALP. 1000 LU. + D-Biotin BP 10 mcg
+ Vitamin D3L P. 500 LU. + D-Panthenol L P. 1 mg
+ Niacinamide L P. 10 mg + Choline Chloride USP 5 mg
+ Thiamine HCI L P. 10 mg + Alpha Tocopherol
+ Pyridoxine HCI L P. 5 mg Acetate LP. 5 mg
+ Riboflavine Na. + Sodium Acid
Phosphate L P. 5 mg Phosphate LP. 10 mg
+ Cynocobalamin L P. 10mcg

Injection Nonavit Plus,

provides unique benefits and
facilitates quick convalescence,
Reduces the concentration of ketone bodies in blood and
corrects ketosis.
Improves uptake of amino acids and glucose.
• Improves cellulolytic activity in rumen.
Strengthens nervous system.
tmproves appetite & promotes fermentation in rumen.
Removes exhaustion, debility.

Dose: 1 ml per 15 kg B/W i,v, i/m, sic
Availability: 50 ml vial.

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