Each ml of Phosfotone Injection contains:

Butaphosphan lOOmg; Cyanocobalamin IP 50mcg; Methyl Paraben IP 0.1% W/V; (As preservative); Water for Injection IP Q.S.; Overages added
\ Phosfotone Injection provides Butaphosphan and Cyanocobalamin (BPCPhosfotone Injection stimulates Methylmalonyl – CoA mutase in presence of Cyanocobalamin which helps in the conversion of propionate to Succinyl – CoA, required for entry into the TCA cycle for energy production.
Phosfotone Injection enhances Gluconeogenesis
Phosfotone Injection provides phosphorous for Nucleic acid and ATP synthesis
Phosfotone Injection provides energy to muscles and improves the vital activity of the bodyPhosfotone Injection is indicated in Ketosis, Infertility, Anemia, Prolapse of Uterus, Pregnancy Toxemia, General weakness, Body growthetc.


Cattle, Buffalo, Horse & Camel: 10-25ml;
Foal & Calves: 5 – 12ml; Lamb & Kid :1.5 – 2.5ml; Sheep & Goat: 2.5 – 8ml; Dog – 0.5 – 2.5ml

Route of administration – l/V, I/M & S/C

Presentation – 30ml & 100ml

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