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Serratiopeptidase 75 mg
Ibuprofen ; 2000 mg
Paracetamol 1500 mg

Large animals: 2 bolus twice in a day Small animals: 1/2 bolus twice in a day

Packing: 5 strip (4 bolus)

Serratiopeptidase: It is a proteolytic enzyme dissolving the protein tissue debris and removes the inflammation by removing inflammatory mediate rs prostaglandin and bradykinin. It removes \ blood clot, pus, and serum produced due to destruction of the tissue the place of inflammation by lymph system thereby increases the potency of antibiotic and analgesic medicines.
Ibuprofen: It is helpful to remove the inflammation and pain, removes the inflammation by inhibiting Cox2 & checks the production of prostaglandin.

Therefore, Seri-D Forte provides immediate relief in all types of inflammations and pains. It provides relief in Mastitis disease by removing the inflammation and blood clotting from the udder. It brings out the decomposed placenta and pus from the uterus. It is helpful in quick healing of the inflammation of cloven hoof and accidental wounds. It is also useful in Yolk gall and Hygroma,