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Margogesic Spas

Each 1 ml contains Piroxicam : 10mg Pitofenone: 2mg Fenpiverinium Bromide: 0.02mg

An effective anti inflammatory, analgesic & antipyretic.

piroxicam : Prevents inflammation by inhibiting Cyclooxygenase 2 and blocks conversion of Arachidonic Acid into Prostaglandin a potent mediator of inflammation.

Pitofenone: A Potent spasmolytic. Inhibits Acetylcholinesterase enzyme and exerts direct myotropic action on unstriated muscle Fenpiverinium Bromide : An anti muscarinic. Exerts additional relaxing action on smooth muscle by inhibiting effect of Acetylcholine on parasympathetic ganglionic affector site.


• Colic ot the biliary, Renal and Intestinal tract.

• Spastic conditions of the female genital system.

• Musculo Skeletal Pain

• Canine Myositis

• Post Surgical Pains

Presentation: 30ml vial for I.M use

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