Tikkil (Powder)/(Solution)

Each gm contains Cypermethrin high Cis 10% w/W

Tikkil is a broad spectrum ectoparasiticide used for the control of flies of cattle and horses, blowfly larve, biting lice, ticks and headflies of sheep and mites of poultry, scabies and mange mites of cattle, sheep and dog ticks and lice.

Treatment of lambs less than one week of age or treatment of animals during hot weather should be avoided. Not to be applied on the tail region of the lambs because this could interfere with ewe-lamb recognition.


Dilution rate / Lit. WaterUse for
Cattle, Camel1 gmWhole body spray dip, initial charge & replenishment
Cattle5 gmBack line spray 0.5 lit / animal.
Sheep and Goats1 gmDip, initial charge & replenishment.
Dogs1 gmWhole body spray or wash
Poultry1 gm60 lit of spray mixture per 1000 birds
Animal Hosing20 gm5 liters of emulsion per 100 sq.m. surface

PRESENTATION Tikkil is available in 5 gm and 15 gm sachets / pouches.

Tikkll (Solution)

Tikkil is available in 15 ml and 50 ml Aluminium bottles


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