Calgonate is a mixture of calcium gluconate and boric acid. :

COMPOSITION Calcium Gluconate I.P.

(Equivalent to Calcium 1.86% w/’v): 20.80% w/v

Boric Acid I.P.: 4.25 %

Chlorocresol I. P. (as Preservative) Water for injection I.P.


Calgonate is recommended for the treatment of acute and chronic hypocalcaemia in cows, buffaloes, ewes, doe and sows. It is extensively used in clinical and subclinical cases of milk fever in cows, buffaloes and other species of domestic animals. It is also recommended for the prevention and treatment of drug induced liver damage.


Calgonate may be administered by subcutaneous or intravenous injection. When ad­ministered intravenously it is of utmost importance to inject the solution slowly as it has been reported that calcium ions, in some individual animals may have a depres­sant effect on the myocardium. It is also desirable to warm the Calgonate solution to body temperature before administration.


Cows, Buffaloes               : 200 ml to 300 ml

Ewes, Doe and Sows           : 30 ml to 50 ml


Calgonate Injection is available in 450 ml pack.