Calcium Borogluconate with Magnesium and Phosphorous is a solution of calcium borogluconate with phosphorous and magnesium in an organic combination and dex­trose.


Calcium Gluconate I.P. {Equivalent to Calcium 1.86% w/v): 20.80 w/v

Boric Acid I.P.  4.25% w/v

Magnesium Hypophosphite  5%

Anhydrous Dextrose I.P. 20%

Chlorocresol I.P. (as preservative)

Water for Injection I.P.


Miphocal is recommended for the treatment of milk fever due to hypocalcaemia or when it is associated with hypomagnesaemia and hypophosphataemia.


Miphocal may be administered by subcutaneous route. Being a hypertonic solution, may occasionally produce temporary local tissue swelling.

It is suggested that before intravenous administration the solution should be warmed to body temperature.

Calcium and Magnesium ions if injected rapidly may cause coronary depression and hence it is advisable to administer this preparation slowly and also with a few interrup­tions.


Cows, buffaloes              : 200 ml to 300 ml

Ewes, doe and sows  : 30 ml to 50 ml