IVECTIN Injection

Each ml contains Ivermectin 10 mg.

Cattle : 1.0 ml / 50 Kg B.Wt. Subcutaneously.
Sheep: 0.5 ml / 25 Kg B.Wt. Subcutaneously.
Pigs : 1.0 ml / 33 Kg B.Wt. Subcutaneously
Dogs: 0.02 ml / Kg B.Wt. Subcutaneously

It is highly potent parasiticide which show great activity against a wide range of endo- parasites and ecto-parasites. The dose requirements is so minute that it requires only micrograms of drug as compared to milligrams of other drugs. This can be administered orally or parenterally. It’s activity persists for along time.