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Target Injection


Each 1 ml. contains

Diminazen Aceturate:  70 mg.

Phenazone Water for injection:-  375 mg.

It is specially useful for the treatment of the diseases caused by protozoan parasite in the blood like surra (Trypanosomiasis), babesiosis and theileriosis etc. This medicine is useful for preventing and treatment both. It binds with protozoal DNA and controls the growth of protozoa by checking its replication.

Trypanosomiasis and babesiosis:

5-10 ml per 100 kg. body weight


5-10 ml per 100 kg. body weight and with one appropriate antibiotic

Unknown origin :

5 ml peri Maximum dose:

Not more than 56 ml To be administered I/M

20ml, 30ml, 90ml