LEMASOL-75 Injection

Each ml contains: Levamisole HCL BP 75 mg

Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action
It eliminates a variety of parasites via neuromuscular toxicity. Levamisole has an Immuno restorative effect in animals, but the mechanism of action on the immune system is unknown.

Indications and Clinical Uses
Reduce severity, duration & frequency of infection and Reduces chances of Relapse in Mastitis & FMD Outbreaks. In cattle and sheep, it is used to treat a variety of nematodes, including stomach worms, intestinal worms and lungworms. Levamisole has been used for the treatment of endoparasites in dogs. In animals, levamisole also is used as an immunostimulant, but reports of efficacy are lacking.

Adverse Reactions and Side Effects
It has produced vomiting in some dogs. The injectable formulation has caused some swelling at the site of injection.

Drug Interactions
Do not use with pyrantel because they share the same mechanism of toxicity.

Indication: Dosage:  

  1. Prevention of Mastitis: Weekly injections 4 to 6 wks
  2. To enhance immunity along with vaccination: 7 days prior to vaccination &along with first dose of vaccine
  3. Prevent post-partum complications (retained placenta, metritis, pyometra): Weekly injections from 8 weeks of pragnancy until 2 weeks prior to expected calving
  4.  To increase conception rate in repeat breeding:  3 injections at weekly interval.

Presentation: 30 ml


2.5 mg/per kg b.w. (1 ml/30 kg b.w. Administered by SC route only


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