Minthal Bolus 300mg/600mg/200mg


  • Each 3000mg Bolus contains: Albendazole IP: 3000mg; Excipients: qs
  • Each 600mg Bolus contains: Albendazole IP: 600mg; Excipients: qs
  • Each 200mg Bolus contains: Albendazole IP: 200mg; Excipients: qs


  • Prophylaxis and treatment of worm infestations in cattle, calves, sheep and goats
  • Coverage: Flatworms, tapeworms and round worms
  • 85% efficacious against liver fluke infestation

Dosage & administration:

Round worms and tape worms:

  • Cattle and Buffalo: 7.5mg/kg Body weight in divided dose or 1 part of 3000mg bolus for consecutive 3 days
  • Dogs and Cats: 15-25mg/kg Body weight in divided dose for consecutive three days

For fluke infestation:

  • Sheep and Goats: 300mg/40kg Body weight
  • Cattle and Buffalo: 1200mg/80kg Body weight


  • 200mg, 600mg and 3000mg bolus