Each uncoated Bolus contains : Oxyclozanide i.P lOOOmg; Levamisole Hd I.P 500mg; Excipient Q.S

Suspension – Leoxy Suspension contains: Oxydozanide I.P – 3% W/V; Levamisole I.P – 1.5%W/V; Colour – Tartrezine yellow supra aqueuse base

LEOXY is a broad spectrum Flukicidal and Nematocidal bolus with an additional property of immunomodulation.Mixed G.l worms like immature Amphistomes, Liver flukes and Round worms are very common in farm animals. Worms cause malnutrition in animals, loss of milk production, Impairment in body weight gain and occasional death. Eventually incurs a substantial economic loss

Indications: G.l nematodes, rumen and liver flukes. Leoxy Controls parasitic Diarrhea effectively. Improves body immunity, production of milk and weight

Dose – Bolus: 1 bolus / 65kg B.Wt

Suspension: Sheep & Goats: 1ml / 2kg B.Wt.

Cattle & Buffaloes:5ml / 10kg B.Wt.

Available pack: Blister of 4 boli and box of 20 blisters

Suspension: 100ml pet bottle

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