Nutritional contents of each Bolus:
Calcium – 900mg; Phosphorous – 540mg; Copper Sulphate – 500mg; Ferrous Sulphate – lOOmg; Zinc Sulphate – lOOmg; Cobalt Sulphate – 40mg; Selenium – 2mg

Nutritional value of agricultural waste due to modern agriculture practice has reduced substantially and animal feed requires extra supplementation of minerals and vitamins to balance the feed for health maintenance as well as to improve the production.


Indigestion, Ecological imbalance of rumen flora, Muscular weakness, Uterine / Vaginal Prolapse, Repeat breeding, Infertility, Delayed estrus, Silent heat, Immunosuppression, Poor growth in young calves etc.
Recommended usage :

2 Boli daily for lOdays or as directed by Veterinary practitioners.

Available Pack:

Blister of 4 bolus and box of 20 blisters