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Calvit Forte Bolus

It is specially useful to increase the strength of animals by strengthening the bones, production of more milk by Galactogouge effect of Shatavari and effect of Vitamin H, and increasing of milk by strengthening the tissues & ligameuts of udder.

CompositionEach bolus contains:

Elemental calcium: 2000 mg

Elemental Phosphorus:  1000 mg

Vitamin A:  5000 I.U.

Vitamin H: 50 meg

Vitamin D3: 12000 I.U

Shatavari: 500 mg

Calvit Forte bolus possesses novel milk increasing power, enhances vigour & weakness removing qualities. Vitamin A strengthens the reproductive mechanism and is helpful in curing infertility.

1-2 bolus twice in a day


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