Nutritional Value of each Kg:
Vitamin A 750000 IU; Vitamin D3 75000 IU;Vitamin E 250 IU; Calcium 320g; Phosphorous 15g; Copper lg; Cobalt 150mg; Manganese lg;Magnesium 6g;lron 1.5g; Zinc 5g; Iodine 300mg; Selenium 50mcg; Chromium 50mg; Niacinamide lg; Sulphur 7g; Antioxidant added


This is recommended for high yielding dairy Cows & Buffaloes to maintain milk production and Reproductive disorders like Infertility, Prolapse of Uterus, and Silent heat.
Minetone Powder also helps in prevention of Milk Fever, Inconsistent milk yield, Bone weakness, Fatigue, Muscular Dystrophy etc.

Feeding Recommendation :

Cattle & Buffalo: 30-50g Daily;

Calf, Sheep & Goat: 10-15g Daily;

Pig : 20-30g Daily;

Horse : 50g Daily

Feed Mixing: For Dairy: l-2kg /Quintal of Feed

Poultry: 2-3kg/ Quintal of Feed

Available Pack:

1kg & 5kg Polypack & 30kg attractive reusable HDPE Bucket