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Golden flake Plus


Crude fat – 84.48%: Free fatty Acid
Other minerals – 3.75% & Moisture – 2.83%.

A highly digestible by pass fat with high palmitic (C: 16) acid content to improve deranged energy balance and butterfat content of milk. At acidic Ph of 2.5 in abomasum, by pass fat dissociates and set free fatty acids and Calcium for absorption.
Energy deficient diet in high yielding animals is very common. This deficiency is further increased by decreased feed intake and higher quantity of milk production.Animals under field condition shed 80-100kg body weight after calving. Eventually such animals produce less milk.
So supplementation of bypass fat during this period of advanced pregnancy and early lactation minimizes the energy deficiency. This in turn will help in improving milk production and reproduction. Feeding bypass fat never hampers fiber digestion and is always beneficial than feeding natural oil.

Feeding Rate:
Yield – 5ltrs — 50g/day lOltrs – lOOg/day 20ltrs-200g/day
Pack: 1kg, 3kg & 25kg Poly Pack

Golden Flake  Plus is an energy dense supplement for enhancing milk production and persistency of lactation .

Improves reproductive efficiency after calving

Increases reproductive and productive life of animals

Provides the nutrient requirement of high yielding animals

Increases Fat percentage of milk when produces below normal
Decreases metabolic disorders such as Ketosis, Acidosis and Milk fever

Golden Flake Plus also helps in weight gain in Aquacultures particularly in Indian Carp culture.
Golden Flake Plus is highly flowable and mixable in feed.
Higher digestibility ensures economic advantage.

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