Each kg contains:

Vit A-7,50,000 IU,

Vit Ds-75,000 IU. Vit E- 500 IU, Niacinamide-1 gm,

Calcium -240 gm, Phosphorus-120 gm, Iron- 6 gm, Iodine- 500 mg, Cobalt- 200 mg, Copper-1.2 gm, Zinc-8 gm, Magnesium -6 gm,

Live yeast Culture – 40 gm Manganese – 2 gm 5 Minerals are Proteinate Chelate

Cattle / Buffalo:

25-50 gm/day/animal. Add equal quantity of common salt if salt is being not supplemented in animal feed Feed:

0.5-1% in feed or As recommended by Animal Nutritionist

To improve reproductive efficiency in higfi yieiders Better milk & milk fat Peak milk production mantain for longer duration1 kg & 5 kg
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